October 11th is our next meeting!

Please come join us this Thursday for our next MOPs meeting!

Our upcoming meeting is about Healthy Living!  Susie Watts will teach us a few tips & tricks for “healthifying” our foods, being green, & economical.  We will be making a Halloween plaque during our craft time.  Please bring a hammer if you have one!!!

We will present the Golden Plunger Award to the mom with the best mom answer.  Today’s topic: What pre-mom job prepared you (the most) to be a mom & why?

We hope to see you there!!!

For more information please feel free to contact our coordinator, Heather Osterfeld, at (407) 687-0872 or heatherico@aol.com.



Please join Northeast Military MOPs for our 1st fundraiser of the season! 

Some of our wonderful, talented, and generous Moms will be waitressing at CiCi’s Pizza located at their Sandhills location (Sand Hill Station; 715 Fashion Drive Suite 4; Columbia, SC 29229) on Sunday, October 7th, 2012, from 12 pm through 3 pm. 

Please come out and eat and support this wonderful group of Mothers!!! 

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!!!

A great new year!

We kicked off our new year in September with many new faces!

Our first meeting was on September 13th when we shared our favorite thing for being a Mom.  Answers ranged from workout videos to iPhones to slings to wipes.  We heard it all and I am sure we all agreed that they were all great answers!  We also learned how to make the most of our old stuffed animals by making them into bookends!

On September 27th we had another great meeting with over 20 Moms!  We had a wonderful guest speaker, Carolyn Benitez, who showed us how to decorate cupcakes like a pro.  She showed us some great tips and tricks.  The main thing she passed on was that it is all about the frosting tip you use, which you can pretty much get at any department store. Carolyn gave us great encouragement and said that if we practice the simple techniques, not only will we decorate some great cupcakes but we can also save money by staying away from the bakery department!  I know I will be trying to do some decorating myself!