February Military MOPs bulletin

Northeast Military Mops News:

Our group continues to grow as we welcomed new members on both January 26th and February 9th meetings. On January 26th we had a guest speaker, Susie Watts, who shared some great ways and ideas to maximize our resources~ time, supplies, and efforts.  One of the many things she taught us was how to make your own laundry detergent using just 3 ingredients and resulting in only spending about $30 per year! 

On February 9th the group started our study on Dr James Dobson’s The New Dare to Discipline. We discussed the first two chapters of his Christian based book and will be tackling four more for next month! After the study, we enjoyed a special Valentine’s Day craft with our kids to share with someone special.

Our Thursday, February 23rd meeting is moved to February 24th at which time we will be enjoying a great and free field trip with the kids to the Riverbanks Zoo!